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                Golden Elephant Welding Gloves

                Golden Elephant Welding Gloves

                PRODUCT PARAMETERS


                Golden elephant Leather heat resistant working welding glove




                 14 inches


                 Cow split leather,Select high-quality cow split leather which is soft, durable, abrasion resistant & heat insulation


                 1. Dupont Kevlar fire-resistant thread 

                2. Ordinary fire-resistant thread


                 1.Pu& flannel lining (firm&durable) 

                2. Twill lining (more comfortable& sweat absorption)


                 Welding work, Cutting work, Assembling work, Carrying work.


                 High temperature resistant up to 300 degrees.


                1. Convenient with short sleeves

                2.Sheepskin seamless design , ensuurs good TIG welding

                3. Helping minimize skin damage.
                4. Excellent sweat and moisture absorbency.
                5. Extremely resistant to abrasion,moisture,UV rays and chemicals.

                portable welding machine, mini welder

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